Leans NFL Week 5/CFB Week 6 Revisited

I haven't struggled at all coming up with this week's card. It's about as clear as I can remember. Which means I'll be looking at -35x Tuesday morning.

Definite Plays
12p Illinois +4 vs. Sparty
12p Minny -3 vs. Purdue
12p Cuse +10 vs. WVU
1220p Tenny -1.5 vs. UGa
330p Ole Miss +4.5 vs. Bama
330p tOSU -16 vs. Wisky
330p UCLA +3.5 vs. Oregon
8p Florida -7 -106 3x vs. LSU
10p Ariz -3.5 @ Wash

1p TB +15.5 @ PHL
1p OAK +15 @ NYG
1p DET +10.5 vs. PIT
1p STL +10 vs. MIN
415p DEN +3 vs. NE
820p TEN +3.5 vs. IND
830p MIA +1 vs. NYJ (Mon.)

Borderline Contrarian Plays
12p Arky +2.5 vs. Auburn
12p VT -13.5 vs. BC
8p Iowa -8 vs. Mich
8p FSU -3 vs. GT

1p BAL -9 vs. CIN

Borderline Volume Plays
6p Colo St +8 vs. Utah
10p UNLV +17 vs. BYU

For the games tomorrow, the most likely sides to get added are UNLV, Iowa, and FSU, in that order. I'll make the final decision on those in the afternoon.