Saturday 10/10 A Little Early

There is little doubt in my mind this is going to blow up in my face.

8p Florida -7 -106 3x

The logic isn't too hard to follow here. Teblow -10 was going to be a play. There is some question whether Teblow is going to play, but indications from most Florida blogs/boards are that he's practicing with no contact, which makes me think he'll play (otherwise why practice at all), therefore UF -7 should be value. Of course, as a Penn State fan, I remember quite fondly Daryll Clark's concussed performance last year versus Iowa. Hopefully, the extra week will be enough for the Jesus Child to prepare for Death Valley.


am19psu said...

I should point out that my only regret about this play is not picking up LSU +10 when it opened Sunday, because I had a feeling this would happen.

GatorMike said...

Where can you find the line? I am having trouble finding the line open.

am19psu said...

I got it at Matchbook.