Thursday 10/8

Thank you, Phillies, for having a home playoff game, allowing me to scoop tickets tonight's Flyers/Pens game for half off.

I was trying to find a way to get Nebraska on the card tonight, but it's split action everywhere. Plus, wanting to play a side is usually a bad sign.

Good luck tonight.


am19psu said...

This is the biggest mickey mouse operation I've ever seen. Ninety minutes at the sports complex and still not parked.

Tocchet said...

Were you close enough to see Kris Letang get bit? Emery will bite someone before its done. He has a Tyson mask which the league won't let him wear. Great place to watch a game.

am19psu said...

I was literally in the last row of the Wachovia Center, but right at center ice. And I didn't get in until the first intermission because of the awful parking situation at the complex.

We left at the under 5 in the third angry and dejected, so we didn't see Letang get bit. It was already up on Deadspin, though, so I saw the replay. I had Daniel Carcillo -500 as the first Flyer to bite someone this season.

Ray Emery didn't do much to win me over as a fan last night.