Saturday 10/10

Thanks to Jonny for pointing out that my lean was PURDUE, not Minny. That would have been embarrassing.

As I mentioned last night, this card was easy to put together. I'll be interested to see how it differs from other cards in Contrarianville, because there isn't a whole lot of wiggle room for plays today.

Played Last Night
12p Syracuse +10 +102 3x
12p Illinois +4 +101 5x
12p Purdue +3 +105 3x
1220p Tennessee -1.5 +104 3x
330p Mississippi +4.5 -101 5x
330p Ohio State -16 +108 3x
330p UCLA +3.5 -105 3x
8p Florida -7 -106 3x
10p Arizona -3.5 +100 3x

I might add some games on later this afternoon. Good luck. We're going to need it.

8p Iowa -8 +103 3x
8p Florida -10 +100 2x
10p UNLV +17 -102 3x

Since I was 2-0 on my passes earlier, I'm sure these will each lose by two touchdowns.


am19psu said...

I don't think I could possibly angrier at college football right now. Betting on chalk is so frustrating, and Cuse, Illy, Miss, UCLA, and UNLV didn't even show up.

Can't wait to be on the flipping Pelican next week against Houston.