Record Update - 12 April 2009

The Nationals are really screwing up my universe. I realize that their current streak is likely adding value in the coming weeks, but I'd rather just have the money in my account now. Also, will the Astros score 300 runs this year? They are flipping pathetic. I'm sure I'll back them at least 50 more times this season.

Obviously, I'm passing the Brew Crew tonight. Good luck if you play them.

220p COL (Jimenez) +132 @ CHC (Lilly)
305p WAS (Cabrera) +107 vs. PHL (Moyer)

The Dodgers are getting a lot of early love over at Wagerline, but again, I don't think fading Billingsley is the answer. That Washington line is a flipping joke.

Streak for the Cash
Current Streak: 12

I am insanely lucky that I was born into a family that celebrates Easter. I obviously would have been on the -175 Flyers if I hadn't been traveling all day. I'm sure I'll be smited and lose my next Streak game.