Monday 4/13 - AM

220p Colorado +125 2x
305p Washington +107 2x

I mean, really, who are they trying to kid with the Nats line?

1005p OAK (Braden) +133 vs. BOS (Lester)

Nothing else really jumps out me, either thinly slicing or by Wagerline. The Fathers might seem like a play at first glance, but the large spread on the line spooked me off of that game.

Streak for the Cash
Current Streak: 12

It is slightly tempting to double down on the Nats. I assume either they or the Tigers will be a play for anyone under 6 or 7 today. Slight lean to Ipswich in the early soccer game, as well.

I'm passing until the Mets tonight. They are the public side, but they opened at -173 and have moved to -201. That works out to a JA probability of 65.6% and I doubt public money pushed the line up twenty-eight cents.

Good luck today.


moneyline said...

You better give The TMLJ and VTVT shout outs on the air when you're on Sports Center.