Sunday 4/12 - AM

Yesterday was fun. My semi-square TEX/DET under was the only play to hit all day. On the bright side, the Brewers were the only side that we had to sweat. That was payback for Friday's heroics.

110p Florida +118 2x
130p Washington +179 2x
215p Houston +120 2x
Passes: Minny, KC

Standard big name fades all around. The Fish are ridiculously short against Santana. I almost made that wager a 3xer.

805p Milwaukee (Suppan) +125 vs. Cubs (Dempster)

Am I wrong in thinking that Dempster really isn't that good?

Streak for the Cash
105p New Orleans vs. Dallas
Current Streak: 12

The best look, statistically, on the board is the soccer game at 9. Everton has a non-JA 60.2% chance of covering there. I'm completely scared off of soccer and golf at 11, though. The only other halfway decent look is New Orleans, favored by 3.5 against Dallas. It looks like I'll be passing everything today and I think that is right.

[1150a UPDATE: The NO/DAL line moved from -3 to -4. The moneyline is sitting at -167, which works out to a JA 61.6% chance of winning. Combine those two things, and I think the Hornets have rounded into a play.]


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