Sunday 10/11

Next time I say on Monday, "wow, this college card isn't very good this week," someone stop me from playing 11 games like an idiot.

A special thank you to the Arizona Wildcats today. It takes a special kind of suck to blow a 33-21 lead with three minutes to go in the ball game.

All of these were floated last night, so that's why the prices might be different than what is currently available.

1p St. Louis +10 +105 5x
1p Tampa Bay +15.5 +101 3x
1p Oakland +15 +101 3x
1p Detroit +10.5 +101 3x
415p Denver +3 +103 5x
820p Tennessee +3 +115 8x
820p IND/TEN u44 -101 3x

I'll be on Tenny at least for a 5x play tonight when I get home from work. Good luck today.