Week 6 Mumme Poll Draft

This week's ballot is exactly like last week's ballot. What happened that would have changed my opinion? The only upset was Auburn, which was clearly overrated last week (#11 after only being favored 1.5 @ Tennessee?) and no team overperformed or underperformed expectations except Texas, who was obviously looking ahead to OU.

Top Five
Virginia Tech
Boise State

Next Seven
Miami (FL)
Ohio State

The only team I debated about moving up was Nebraska. Which team on my list are they better than though? Maybe Iowa or LSU, but Iowa is undefeated and LSU's loss is (slightly) better. If LSU lays an egg against inferior competition again, maybe I'll elevate Nebraska.

Let me know what you think in the comments.


Sham said...

Several of those below 30 are hilarious.

adam said...

Yeah the teams are in T-37th are pretty incredible. Whatever voter submitted that ballot probably/hopefully isn't coming back.

ilike#s said...

Maybe this is homerism, but what about Oregon? I think the Pac10 is slightly underrated.

am19psu said...

First question: Over whom?

Second question: Why? I want to see what happens to Cal before I put Oregon up there. What has Oregon done the last three weeks? Crushed Cal, who suddenly looks exposed as a fraud, beat Wazzu, who is Wazzu, and watched while UCLA imploded. To me the defining feature of Oregon is still getting housed by Boise. Before that, they needed Purdue to beat themselves. Questions remain about Utah, as well.

(By the way, Oregon would be #14 if I had to fill out a full ballot)

ilike#s said...

Over TCU, Natti, Miami or Iowa.

Maybe that is crazy but I don't trust them any more than I trust Oregon. I totally understand not putting Oregon on the list, I just wanted to see what your thoughts were on where they stood.

Cal > Penn St?

This probably goes back to the fact that I don't think any of the teams outside the top 3 or 4 are all that good.

am19psu said...

We'll know more about Cal this week, I guess, but yeah, I would say PSU > Cal right now. TCU, Cincy, and Iowa are all undefeated which means something (at least at this point). And with Miami (GT, FSU, OU), their body of work is way better than Oregon's.

Like I said, Oregon is close, but just off the list.

ilike#s said...

Fair enough, I probably agree with you but I bet Oregon would be favored over TCU, Cincy and maybe Iowa. You have that numbers that more than likely prove me wrong, though.

am19psu said...

Oregon would almost definitely be favored over Iowa. Cincy was a 1 pt dog at Ore St in Week 2, so it'd probably close. TCU would be close, too. They were only 2.5 dogs to Clemson back when people thought Clemson was good.