Wednesday 4/29

I still have no idea exactly how to play these totals. Obviously, that arbitrary cutoff system wasn't working in college hoops, but I'm also not sure how to thinly slice them. That said, 15% at SIA probably makes the cut.

705p Washington +167 2x
705p Cleveland +123 2x
710p Atlanta -111 2x
805p OAK/TEX u10.5 +114 2x

None of those three moneyline wagers should be much of a surprise given their opponents.

210p KC (Davies) -132 vs. TOR (Burres)

I think this would be my first fade of the juggernaut that is the Toronto Blue Jays.

Streak for the Cash
710p Atlanta vs. St. Louis
Current Streak: 0

Might as well double down on the short favorite. I'm probably going to play the over in the late NBA game, but it's pretty close to a coin flip.

Good luck tonight.