Leans 4/29

That was a nice reaming last night.

Pass: Seattle

The Wagerline numbers moved significantly from last night, plus I didn't really feel comfortable backing the M's anyway, with Bedard on the mound and a better record than CHW.

7p ATL (Vazquez) -112 vs. STL (Wainwright)
705p WAS (Olsen) +166 @ PHL (Myers)
705p CLE (Carmona) +144 vs. BOS (Lester)

The Natinals are now 4-15. On one hand, their lines are definitely getting longer. Of course, on the other, squares are starting to go "Free money, bro," against the Nats everyday, so we keep playing them. Which is in no way altering my otherwise sunny disposition.

Streak for the Cash
1235p Baltimore vs. Angels
Current Streak: 0

The O's are a better pick than either the more innings prop or the soccer game. It also allows me to probably get on the 340p Cubs/DBacks game, if I choose. Which I might actually pass. Lean is to Rizo.

Good luck today.


In a completely unrelated story, if sports radio and ESPN are completely ruined this whole summer by this lying, manipulative jerk, I am going to be a very unhappy person.


Jonny said...

"if sports radio and ESPN are completely ruined"

You still enjoy ESPN?

am19psu said...

You still enjoy ESPN?

I watch it when I run on the treadmill. ATH and PTI are already borderline intolerable and any sort of favrefavrefavre from Kornheiser or Mariotti could possibly make me homicidal.