Wednesday 4/22

I am shocked - SHOCKED - that something Accuweather put out could possibly be based on hype and not science. As I said to Adam last night, the main factor for Yankee Stadium being Coors East is likely small sample size (and possibly homers overall being hit farther). That's not to say weather isn't playing a role, as the article showed, it likely is, but not due to the aerodynamics of the new park like Accuweather put out.

705p Washington +125 2x
805p Cincinnati +156 2x
805p Houston -113 2x
1005p Detroit +100 3x

That Houston line is showing Oswalt a ton of respect (or a complete lack thereof for Wolf). The Dodgers have scored the third most runs per game in the majors, while Houston has scored the least.

105p MIL (Bush) +147 @ PHL (Hamels)
220p CIN (Harang) +151 @ CHC (Zambrano)

Tomorrow's card does not look particularly enticing, either early or late.

Streak for the Cash
805p Houston vs. Los Angeles
Current Streak: 3

There really aren't a whole lot of great picks in Streak tonight, so why not double down. The Astros, obviously, are a slightly larger favorite than Detroit.

Good luck tonight.