Tuesday 4/7 - PM

Apparently, this Farnsworth chap isn't much for closing games. I'm looking forward to backing him 30-40 more times this season.

There are a couple more bookkeeping items to cover this evening. First, I'm trying to be somewhat anal about making sure I offer sides at Matchbook rather filling other's offers. If I make 500 bets during baseball season, which seems plausible, it's a swing of roughly 3.5x, which, given the record to right, might be nice to have come football season.

Also, be aware that Matchbook's baseball rake is different than other sports. If it were anything other than baseball, that swing above be 6x. Update your spreadsheets accordingly.

Finally, the flat betting concept does not explicitly deal with the Matchbook rake. I take the rake out after calculating how much to risk so the sum is 4x total (or 6x, at some point).

710p Washington +146 2x
805p Pittsburgh +146 2x
810p Seattle +100 2x
940p Colorado +143 2x
1005p Oakland +101 2x

I think this is like betting on Temple, Army, Baylor, Indiana, and Duke every week, right?

340p Colorado (Morales) +119 @ Arizona (Davis)

This line seems short to me, but I don't know a whole lot about either pitcher. I guess I'll find out tomorrow morning.

Streak for the Cash
705p Charlotte vs. Philadelphia
1010p St. Louis @ Phoenix
Current Streak: 2

The judges would also accept "Miami Heat" as an answer for tonight's 7p Streak selection. I'll be on the Blues for the late game.

Good luck tonight.