Wednesday 4/8 - AM

I'm pretty sure working early in the morning is going to save me years on my life. I have no idea what happened to Seattle last night, but I see they gave up three in the ninth to lose. This morning, all I did was mutter a curse under my breath. Had I watched it live, things may have been broken.

1210p Washington +125 2x
340p Colorado +125 2x
Pass: Atlanta

The Nats and Rockies are a bit more anti-pub than the Braves, plus the Atlanta has won two in a row. I'm not backing any winners.

705p Baltimore (Uehara) +154 vs. Yankees (Wang)
805p Houston (Moehler) +129 vs. Cubs (Lilly)
810p Seattle (Silva) +138 @ Minnesota (Slowey)
815p Pittsburgh (Duke) +148 @ St. Louis (Wellemeyer)
1005p San Diego (Silva) +160 vs. Dodgers (Billingsley)
1005p Oakland (Eveland) -107 @ Angels (Adenhart)

I've got no desire to fade Billingsley. The Orioles and Pirates look like must plays again today.

Streak for the Cash
830a F. Gil over I. Ljubicic (Men's Tennis)
245p Chelsea (win or draw) vs. Liverpool
Current Streak: 4

I'm somewhat surprised that China (+102) is decent at curling. Apparently, the rest of Sportsnation is as well. Gil has a 53.6% juice-adjusted probability of winning the tennis match. The early first half total is pretty sharp, so I'll be playing Chelsea win or draw in the afternoon.

Good luck today.