Tuesday 4/28

Well, Seattle (Game 1) clearly became a play, but the wonderful Borough of State College Parking Office required my attention before I could get it in.

705p Washington +174 2x
705p Cleveland -104 2x
705p Baltimore +117 2x
805p Oakland +132 2x
940p Arizona +110 3x
1015p San Francisco +152 2x
Pass: Atlanta

That line against Zambrano seemed like a public bait line to me.

205p SEA (Bedard) -118 vs. CHW (Floyd)

Isn't Eric Bedard good again this year? At least until he gets hurt? And it's not like the Mariners suck. What am I missing here?

Streak for the Cash
705p Rangers +1.5 vs. Washington
940p Portland larger margin of victory than San Antonio
Current Streak: 2

Does ESPN think Streak is less gambling related if they don't put point spreads on the games? In any case, the Rangers +1.5 are -137 at Pinny while the Devils ML is -140. Those are the only two options on the early card. I haven't decided on anything for late, but I wanted to give myself the option, which is why I went with New York.

Portland is a marginal play that I am making based on juice movement at Pinny and because I at least have a reason for it, which I don't for taking Billingsley.