Leans 4/28

Really, Washington?

Note the timestamp. Not that it was particularly prescient. The Natinals bullpen has been flipping us all season. Can't wait to back them again tonight.

705p WAS (Lannan) +170 @ PHL (Hamels)
705p CLE (Reyes) +100 vs. BOS (Penny)
705p BAL (Eaton) +110 vs. LAA (Saunders)
710p ATL (Reyes) -102 vs. STL (Lohse)
710p HOU (Rodriguez) +105 @ CIN (Harang)
805p OAK (Anderson) +135 @ TEX (Millwood)
940p ARZ (Petit) +118 vs. CHC (Zambrano)
1015p SF (Sanchez) +151 vs. LAD (Billinsgley)

Again, I think I'm the only one not thrilled with this card, although I think it is better yesterday, with some marginally bad pitchers on short lines. Nats, Tribe, DBacks, and Giants are initially bigger leans.

Streak for the Cash
7a S. Bolelli over P. Kohlschriber (Tennis)
3p Barcelona (win only) vs. Chelsea
Current Streak: 0

Bolelli is favored -135/+125. I have no idea why Sportsnation would be taking the German (other than he was made in Germany, and Germans always make good stuff). Unless something changes, hopefully broadcast either in the comments here or over at RMMB, I'll be on Barcelona for the soccer game later.

Good luck.