Tuesday 4/21

I really need to start writing my ideas down at work. I was thinking about something gambling related then started doing, you know, actual work and completely forgot about it.

705p Pittsburgh +134 2x
705p Washington +120 2x
705p Milwaukee +119 2x
705p Oakland +188 2x
705p Minnesota +153 2x
805p Houston +158 2x
Pass: Baltimore

Let's be honest. Two-and-four would be considered a good night with these gems out there.

1235p PIT (Maholm) +100 vs. FLA (Nolasco)
105p OAK (Anderson) +240 vs. NYY (Sabathia)
345p SF (Zito) +108 vs. SD (Young)

Here is how little I know about baseball: are there usually more National League day games than American League? I don't have any evidence to back this up, it just seems empirically through 16 days, there have been more NL afternooners.

Streak for the Cash
705p Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh
1030p San Jose @ Anaheim
Current Streak: 1

I'll be on the Sharks late.

Good luck tonight.


Walter said...

I would be surprised if the NL *doesn't* have more day games, if only because of all the afternoon games at Wrigley. Also, remember that there is an extra game per day for the NL. Beyond those two things, I don't know that of a reason why the NL would have more afternoon games.

adam said...

This is bullshit right? It's basically 98% conjecture and 2% science to me.

am19psu said...

It's basically 98% conjecture and 2% science to me.

Without knowing the angles and dimensions of the upper decks of old and new Yankee Stadiums, I'm pretty sure it's conjecture. Someone with more time on their hands will do a correlation on wind direction and speed from LaGuardia and home run rate and we'll really find out.

My own personal thought is that it's one part SSS and another part home runs flying farther this year.

am19psu said...

Also, the poster above you is more in tune with the kinds of microscale motion that this kind of analysis requires. Your thoughts, Walter?

JBD said...

I won 2 one run games in one day...what happened?