Leans 4/21

The Nationals won. Shockingly, as I look at the box score, the bullpen held onto a late inning, one run lead. Maybe the moves yesterday motivated them.

705p PIT (Karstens) +113 vs. FLA (Sanchez)
705p WAS (Martis) +115 vs. ATL (Kawakami)
705p MIN (Baker) +151 @ BOS (Wakefield)
805p HOU (Ortiz) +146 vs. LAD (Kershaw)
1005p SF (Cain) +109 vs. SD (Peavy)

Of course, it's another day sweating the Natinals. Minny is a Wakefield fade. Everyone remembers he almost no hit the A's. I don't want to back either Houston or San Fran against those pitchers. Surprisingly, the Fathers aren't all that public early this morning. Why aren't there any OAK/NYY or MIL/PHL lines yet? Unsure of pitchers, maybe? How is that for a disjointed paragraph?

Streak for the Cash
3p Liverpool (win only) vs. Arsenal
Current Streak: 0

My winning percentage in Streak was as high as 78% at one point last week after going 20-1 in 21 picks. My 2-8 run has brought it back to something a bit more reasonable (63%). Liverpool is the easy play today at -139. Arsenal has an extremely small chance of winning (17.3% JA), but since they are the bigger name, Streakers are picking them.


JBD said...

Looking like a Was/Pit/Mil day for me.

JBD said...

oh and my friends the Twins of course.