Thursday 4/23 - PM

I not happy that I accidentally jinxed myself this morning by putting Marino in green before the match up even happened.

805p Houston +117 3x

I convinced myself at work today that the Astros should be a 3x play, erroneously, no doubt. I'm probably mindflipping myself trying to figure out how the oddsmakers came up with +117, but it just seems so off looking at the two teams' offenses and the starting pitchers.

EDIT: Glad to see I'm not the only one.

710p WAS (Olsen) +240 @ NYM (Santana)
910p COL (Cook) +102 vs. LAD (Stults)
1005p SD (Correia) -124 vs. PIT (Snell)
1005p OAK (Cahill) +112 vs. TB (Kazmir)

Maybe more depending on how consensus data checks out tomorrow morning.

Streak for the Cash
8p Chicago vs. Boston
Current Streak: 0

The Bulls are a no brainer. Late night, I guess I'll take the Spazz if I can stay up that late, though that is unlikely.