Friday 4/24

Time to give away all of the week's profits.

705p TEX/BAL u10.5 +104 2x
710p Washington +238 2x
710p Philadelphia +118 2x
910p Colorado -108 2x
940p ARZ/SF o8.5 +104 2x

I was not expecting to play the World Champions until at least May. I find it amusing a day after I read this blog entry describing how Texas and Baltimore can't pitch, I end up on an under involving both teams.

I'll be gone until Sunday evening. I definitely won't place any wagers. I might have a chance to get some Streak plays in, but I doubt it.

Good luck this weekend.


JBD said...


Vegas Watch said...


Yeah betting on aces with 1.86 ERAs only slightly favored on the road going against guys most people haven't heard of is always an awesome idea.

JBD said...

Based on what I see it seems to be. I was surprised myself. I have it ranked


Bedard is their #2 who just went through a year where he threw all of 81 innings, and the Angels are still widely perceived to be the superior team.

Its not like I said "What about the Mets...the Nats suck and Santana never loses".

Vegas Watch said...

"Based on what I see it seems to be."

Clearly what you see doesn't include Sports Interaction.

adam said...

Or this place.