Monday 4/6 - PM

Well, this has started splendidly.

810p Seattle +127 2x
905p Oakland +122 2x

I'm not sure how I missed Seattle today. Most non-sabermetricians are picking the Twinkies to win the AL Central and the Mariners were awful last year.

I tried floating some ridiculous Oakland number today before I left for work. That obviously panned out for me.

205p Kansas City (Meche) +126 @ White Sox (Buehrle)
405p Tampa Bay (Shields) +132 @ Boston (Beckett)

The evening posts are going to have leans for tomorrow's pre-6p games and will use Pinny lines. I'm pretty sure I like KC more than the Rays tomorrow.

Streak for the Cash
920p North Carolina vs. Michigan State
Current Streak: 3

I'll be rooting for Sparty, but come on.

The Masters
Sergio Garcia +3400 2x
Robert Allenby +10000 1x

Because why not, that's why. Of course, these are straight MoneyLine plays. Depending on the price I can find at Matchbook, I may tail The Saw's last outright as well.