Monday 4/6 - AM

I really have no idea what I am doing here, but the Wagerline and SIA numbers support me. I might actually be conservative with the afternoon games.

110p Cincinnati +150 2x
340p Colorado +161 2x
405p Baltimore +184 2x
415p Pittsburgh +172 2x
Passes: Washington, Tampa Bay

It's not going to shock me if other contrarians end up on my passes. I've absorbed a lot of information over the last two weeks, but I'm not going to be good at thinly slicing baseball lines for a few weeks.

705p Houston (Oswalt) -101 vs. Cubs (Zambrano)
905p Oakland (Braden) +135 @ Angels (Saunders)

Oakland is a must play and might be the first 3xer of baseball season. I could take or leave Houston.

Streak for the Cash
9a Norway vs. United States (Men's Curling)
110p Mets vs. Cincinnati
Current Streak: 2

Playing the Yankees is obviously dependent on the Mets/Reds getting done in a reasonable amount of time (Ed. Note: Obviously didn't happen). I'm also aware that my Streak plays are opposite my bets. If I got 1.5 wins in Streak to pick the Reds, I would.

Good luck today.