Sunday 4/5

I'm not expecting things to change a whole lot around here for bases. I should still be doing two posts a day - one before work and one after I get home. I suspect I'll be trailing Jonny and Vegas a lot more than I do in other sports, at least until I get my ears wet.

8p Atlanta +122 2x

All baseball plays will be on the moneyline unless otherwise noted. For games with positive juice, the units will be the amount risked. If the juice is negative, the units will be the amount I stand to win. This is the same way I've always done it, but it was never really important until now.

Streak for the Cash
7p Oklahoma vs. Louisville (WNCAA)
Current Streak: 0

The only other pick that makes sense is Oklahoma City, but they're only -125 at Pinny, whereas the Sooners are -175. If the women's game is over in time, I'll be on the Kings late.

Good luck tonight.


Vegas Watch said...

You might want to rethink your betting strategy a little bit for bases. It's totally unlike football and basketball, obviously. I don't think risking three units on +250 dogs is something you're going to want to be doing, although I could be wrong about that.

If you Google "true flat betting" you can find a post by me on this stuff which you probably didn't care about at the time, I really think that's the best way. The way you're doing it these huge dogs are just way too important to your bottom line.

am19psu said...

Yup. You are right. I didn't notice it before and your logic makes complete sense. I'll make the change tomorrow. Thanks for picking up on this.

Vegas Watch said...

It's painful enough doing it the "right" way.