Monday 4/27

Given my level of baseball knowledge in relation to the rest of Contrarianville, I assume that I am being entirely too tight tonight. That said, I'm not nearly as impressed with this card as some people are.

705p Washington +173 2x
705p Cleveland -121 2x
705p NYY/DET u9 +104 2x
940p Arizona -146 2x

Even though I don't like laying chalk, especially on moneylines, these two are about as anti-pub as I've seen so far in bases (small sample size, obviously). I'm not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing that I'm backing last year's Cy Young winner and a guy that arguably could have won it two years ago.

There are no day games tomorrow, again, so no thinking tonight. Yay.

Streak for the Cash
7p Atlanta vs. St. Louis
Current Streak: 0

I don't feel real confident about this one, but sooner or later the Cards should stop mashing, at least at their current rate. Leaning Dodgers late, unless someone who knows something about the NBA can tell me if the 12 points the Lakers are favored by are statistically significantly different than the 10.7 apg Deron Williams averages.

Good luck tonight.


Vegas Watch said...

Not sure where the day/night game cutoff is, but the M's and White Sox are going to play the first game of a DH at 5:05pm EST on Tuesday.

am19psu said...

I always check the lines when I get up, so I probably would have seen it, but I appreciate the heads up. I usually have a 7p cutoff to give me time to run when I get home.