Monday 4/20

There is a good discussion (well, actually, a good pwning of my idiocy) going on in the comments to this morning's leans post. Check it out.

705p Washington +134 3x
Pass: COL/ARZ O10.5

Like you didn't know that was coming. This is of course assuming the game doesn't get rained out (like OAK/NYY did). Looking at the radar out of Sterling, the rain appears to broken, so while delays are likely, I don't think the game will get rained out.

Once again, there are no early games tomorrow. Glad to see we are in mid-season form in the scheduling, at least.

Streak for the Cash
7p Rangers vs. Washington
945p Nowitski more points and rebounds than Duncan
Current Streak: 0

Just because no one expects them to actually win a third straight game and I want to play a second game tonight, which will be Calgary.

This is going to be really neat when the flipping Rangers lose at 9:35. I'm really not happy about this.


am19psu said...

Ok, so I'm a weather guy, not a member of the groundscrew. Anyone have any idea why they delayed the start when the rain is just getting there now?