Friday 4/10 - PM

The Saw has a chat going about golf if anyone is interested in that sort of thing.

735p Washington +208 2x
815p Houston +134 2x

Washington's line is a bit ridiculous. I stand by my comment about Hampton this morning.

110p Pittsburgh (Maholm) +105 vs. Cincinnati (Owings)

That game is the only one thinly sliced. I'll update this later once Pinny posts their lines.

Streak for the Cash
830p St. Louis vs. Columbus (NHL)
Current Streak:This entry has achieved a winning streak with 10+ correct picks. 10

(UPDATE: Blue star, bitches.)

The Blues are -165 with a 61.4 JA chance of winning. Easily the best play on the card tonight. The other hockey game wouldn't finish in time for any other sides to be played anyway.

Good luck tonight.


moneyline said...

Congrats on the blue star. Next stop: Bristol