Friday 4/10 - AM

I'm not really all that sure about this early card. It was one of those cards where I felt like I had to play all three or none. I'm a degenerate, so you know what I chose.

405p Milwaukee +131 2x
410p Colorado +125 2x
410p Kansas City +158 2x
Pass: Det/Tex Under

The lines for the first two games seem short considering the pitchers they are facing. I'll also take better than 3:2 value with an underrated team against an aging pitcher who in all likelihood is no longer juicing.

730p Washington (Martis) +187 @ Atlanta (Lowe)
815p Houston (Hampton) +121 @ St. Louis (Pineiro)

I know Lowe pitched well on opening night, but isn't that a bit too much respect for him?

There might not be a pitcher in baseball who I want bet on less than Mike Hampton, but that line is awful short against an NL Central "contender."

Streak for the Cash
822a Poulter over Watson or Wilson (Masters - Front Nine)
Current Streak: 9

I found this at Bodog. Watson and Wilson are both 4/1 (+400), while Poulter is 5/12 (-240). That works out to a JA-63.8% probability. It doesn't get a whole lot better than that in Streak.

I've already admitted I don't want to get too involved with the golf. The soccer match only offers a 53.7/46.3 JA edge. The Tigers opened at -165 and have been bet down to -138. Passing seems like the best option for the afternoon with a streak this high. If Poulter screws the pooch here, I guess I'll just guess on a golf matchup.


Anonymous said...

Only 19 more to go...

hynick said...

Sorry, that was me Moyer with the 19 more to go comment.

am19psu said...

You didn't notice they changed the rules? Now you just have to be the highest streaker for the month.

moneyline said...

"Now you just have to be the highest streaker for the month."


am19psu said...

Is it top 7 for the rest of the year? I remember reading top for the month at the beginning of April, but I thought it had changed last I had looked. Either way, 27 is no longer a key number.

am19psu said...


3. Build one of the seven (7) longest winning streaks by Dec. 6, 2009 and you could qualify for the $1M Pick-Off at ESPN HQ in Bristol, Conn.

Gamblor said...

So many places to go with that...

moneyline said...

"27 is no longer a key number."

Agreed. I thought about this briefly the other day. I'm pretty sure 23 will get you there.