Thursday 4/9 - AM

(UPDATE: With the cancellation of A's/Angels, there won't be any late plays from me. I'll update SftC for tonight below)

(UPDATE2: Rox and Brewers for sure tomorrow afternoon. Are the Indians possibly a play?)

There has to be like zero chance I win >60% of my plays again today. My spreadsheet actually looks halfway decent. I'm sure that will last.

110p Seattle +115 2x
135p Tampa Bay +142 3x
135p Baltimore +162 2x
140p Pittsburgh +182 2x
205p Kansas City +144 2x
Passes: Cincy, SD

These all pass the sniff test, I think. San Diego was a pass because I can't see fading Kershaw yet.

1025p Oakland (Anderson) +112 @ Angels (Good Weaver)

Not much of a late card tonight. The only other game is an unplayable Brewers/Giants tilt.

Streak for the Cash
5p Fake Miami vs. Bemidji State (NCAA Hockey)
8p Boston vs. Vermont (NCAA Hockey)
Current Streak: 8

I actually knew where to find the Tiger-Cink/Jeev line. It's at 5Dimes and the spread is -166/+136, which works out to a 59.6% juice adjusted chance of Tiger covering, though the line is probably inflated. If I could guarantee that would be over by 5, I would play it, but I'm pretty sure golf rounds take longer than three hours. Since I know jack about golf, I'll just pass all of the rest of the garbage and take the -230 Redhawks at 5.


Gamblor said...

I really have to start getting up earlier to put in afternoon plays. And I am up at 5:55. Stupid work networks.