Thursday 3/26

There really isn't a whole lot to say about tonight's games that hasn't been said in the rest of Contrarian World, other than these might be the only two plays of the Sweet Sixteen. Tomorrow's card looks entertaining, but completely unplayable.

7p Purdue +6.5 -101 5x - Who else is not shocked by this result?
10p Duke -3 +108 3x

These are both the right plays given the prices available. I hope my boss understands when I come into work with a hangover tomorrow after UConn wins by seven and Duke wins by two.

Streak for the Cash
8p Chicago vs. Miami (NBA)
Current Streak: 6

That's right, folks, I've got a red star next to my name. That makes me a slightly less than mediocre player!

Also, is ESPN giving people freebies since the game is almost over? Da Bulls are 6 point favorites, obviously something that is lost 82.7% of players. I guess Miami = Dwayne Wade = WINNAR!!1!ZOMG!!1!11!LOLZ!!!111!!

Sorry for going all TBL on you. Good luck tonight.


ilike#s said...

memphis losing might lead to alcohol poisoning

am19psu said...

I actually don't have any futures, so I won't commit hara-kiri, but this tournament blows.