Leans 3/26

I desperately needed last night for my mental health. I was posting stupidly at some new blog about how it could be a good idea to make -EV bets (though I'm not totally convinced for the biggest of futures that it is necessarily stupid). I was betting on CBI games. More importantly, I was unprepared for the NCAA tournament. Now I can go in with a much clearer head after last week's debacle.

7p Purdue +6.5 vs. UConn
10p Duke -2 vs. Nova

Both of these looked like slam dunks when they were released. Nothing has really happened to change my mind about them.

Streak for the Cash
830a Pat Perez lower front nine score than Charles Howell III
Current Streak: 5

Going straight from Moneyline's mouth on this one. If ML or The Saw post anything about Tiger O/U 68.5, I'll probably play it, otherwise that'll be it for the early Streak.