The Morning After

Nothing like another eight unit loss. I'm not even really all that angry. Either this is bad luck, variance's way of telling us that 2007-08 wasn't nearly as good as we'd hoped it was (or, if you're ML, 2005-06 and 2006-07 as well), or something is wrong with the system (not contrarianism, but the way it is employed). Those are really the three options at this point.

I'm passing everything on the card tonight. I'll probably just edit this post tonight for Streak for the Cash in the evening. The two golf plays in the morning/afternoon have very little edge.

Finally, if you really wanted to see a busted bracket, go look at the one I posted before the tournament started. When Gonzaga loses to UNC tonight, I'll be done. Not like done - I don't stand a chance of winning. I mean done - I can't gain another flipping point. KPom, you have wronged many this year.


Poop Bandit said...

I've lost complete interest in the main tournament, as I'm sure you have. You always have Penn State to watch in the NIT.