Thursday 3/19 - Evening

California is terrible. It was a pretty standard opening session, though. I'm expecting more big time plays in Round 2.

I floated all of these this morning except UCLA and Illinois, so the juice may be different than what is available now. I'm going to have to put some more effort into figuring out the optimum way to work with Matchbook's new policy.

710p Minnesota +4 +106 2x
725p Akron +13.5 +104 2x
950p UCLA -8 -106 2x
955p Illinois -5 -104 2x
7p New Mexico +5 +105 2x
7p Rhode Island +1 +106 2x

Believe it or not, New Mexico was the closest to a 3x play. If it were the regular season, it definitely would have been. I'm not as comfortable making big plays in the NIT.

Streak for Cash
UPDATE: TheFiancee isn't feeling well, so I will be around a computer
7p Notre Dame vs. New Mexico
950p UCLA larger margin of victory than Illinois
Current Streak: 2

I won't be around a computer tonight, so the only play is UCLA.

Here's to hoping for a good middle.

Friday Afternoon Leans
1215p SFA +11.5 vs. Cuse
1230p NDSU +9.5 vs. Kansas
1230p USU +4.5 vs. Marq
3p ETSU +20 vs. Pitt
3p Cornell +12.5 vs. Mizz
3p WVU -9 vs. Dayton

USU and WVU made the initial list, but after checking consensus numbers quickly, there is almost no chance I play them tomorrow. SFA, NDSU, and ETSU have 3x potential tomorrow.

Good luck the rest of the night.