Friday 3/20 - Afternoon

Unit size is temporarily going up. The NCAA Tournament often represents value and I want to capitalize on it. Or go broke. Either way. Standard plays will be 3x and large plays will be 5x.

1215p Stephen F Austin +11.5 -101 5x
1230p North Dakota State +10 -113 3x
3p E Tennessee State +19.5 -103 5x
3p Cornell +12.5 +101 3x

Not the price I was hoping for on the Bison. I'm going to start floating some stuff for the evening games.

I only know where one of these schools I'm wagering on is located. Also, I can only name one player total on any of the four squads. That's a solid gambling strategy right there.

Streak for Cash
1225p Tennessee vs. Oklahoma State
3p WVU/Dayton U129.5 Points
Current Streak: 1

I hate Tennessee and Bruce Pearl with a white hot passion. They are gambler's kryptonite. Fortunately, this is only "Streak" and not real money.

Did you think I was kidding about Bruce Pearl. Fantastic set out of a timeout there, coach.

The total is 126.5 at Pinny for the 'Eers/Flyers game.

Friday Evening Leans
710p Morehead +21 vs. Ville
940p Cleve St +7.5 vs. Wake
955p Wisky +2.5 vs. FSU

Wow, look. No NIT leans tonight. Also, Wisky has 5x potential tonight.

Good luck today.


Eric said...

The only thing I know about SFA is that Jeremiah Trotter went there.

Does that make you feel better?

am19psu said...

That SFA bet was over about 30 seconds into the game.

I didn't know that about Trotter. Well done.