Thursday 3/19 - Afternoon

Sweet. March Madness begins today. Head over to Vegas Watch for a live chat (no swearing, though) at 12.

1225p CS-Northridge +19.5 +111 2x
255p California -2 +103 2x
Pass: BYU

Obviously, Matchbook's new policy favors people who float bets. If I am getting positive juice, I'm not terribly worried about it. Essentially, the North Ridge bet above is +110. However, when juice is less favorable and there is some time before the game, I'm going to float some orders. All it means is that I'm going to post the would-be bet and then edit the post as soon as it gets filled.

Streak for Cash
1230p BYU vs. Texas A&M
255p Cal vs. Maryland
Current Streak: 0

Anti-public and favored by 2.5? Yes, please. Cal, obviously, in game number two.

Thursday Evening Leans
710p Minny +4 vs. Texas
950p UCLA -8.5 vs. VCU
710p Michigan +5 vs. Clemson
955p Illinois -5.5 vs. W Ky
725p Akron +13.5 vs. Zags
7p NMex +5 @ ND (NIT)
7p URI +1 vs. PSU (NIT)

What, did you think I'd forget about the NIT tonight? New Mexico is more likely than URI for the JV tourney. All of the NCAA plays are likely, except the Skunkbears.

Good luck today.


moneyline said...

Honestly have no clue what you see in Michigan.

am19psu said...

Believe it or not, this morning, slightly hungover, was the first I looked at the lines outside of Sham's, Jonny's and your posts. I'm calling a mulligan.

am19psu said...

See also: Gauchos

moneyline said...

Gauchos is the type of mistake you want to be making. It implies that you actually have a life.

The fact that I didn't even have to google Cal St Northridge to come up with Matadors says a lot about me.