Friday 3/20 - Evening

I felt really intelligent for bumping up my unit sizes after that first set of games.

710p Morehead State +21 +100 3x
940p Cleveland State +7.5 +101 3x
955p Wisconsin +2.5 +101 5x

All of these got filled up before halftime of the first set of games. Better prices have been/are available.

I'm trying to show some fiscal restraint, but I really like Wisky. No one is giving them a shot because they play ugly basketball and FSU beat GT and a banged up UNC to get to the ACC finals.

Streak for Cash
720p USC vs. Boston College
955p Wisconsin vs. Florida State
Current Streak: 3

BC is chicken garbage. I'm leaning toward tOSU for the late games. There is a small chance it could be Wisky.

The line movement confused me with the Buckeyes. Using straight Pomeroy, tOSU is the better choice, but I like Wisky more here from a gambling perspective.

Saturday Afternoon Leans
105p UCLA +2 vs. Nova
330p Memphis -9 vs. UMd

CBS sets the Saturday games up as 1-2-3-2, so there are only three games that tip before 5p. I'll definitely be on UCLA. Memphis is a bit more iffy.