Leans 2/25

If you want a really fun way to lose money on golf, check out ML's and TheSaw's picks for the Match Play Championship. Back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Yesterday, I had greater than 50% of the card on my leans list. This morning, I think I have less than 5%.

7p URI -6 vs. Dayton
9p UMd +5.5 vs. Duke
1030p Colo +5.5 vs. Ok St

The Rams are a likely 3x play at that number.

Finally, I'd like to thank Missouri State University for getting outscored by 17 in the second half last night.

From ShamNE at RMMB last night:
Fouling with 4 seconds left down 5, really?

I'm glad I went to bed early last night. Missouri State Bears, your excellence in suck knows no bounds.


Poop Bandit said...

I thought Dayton would be extremely public at that number too. The wagerline numbers for that game are pretty weird, but I wouldn't be surprised if I ended up on Rhode Island still. Here's to hoping Jimmy Barron goes 8/10 from deep like he did against Duke if we end up on the Rams.