Wednesday 2/25

I can't believe the ugliness of this card. It is just straight awful. Who am I going to bet on? Ball State? Towson? Marshall? Marquette against UConn? I am probably writing off Depaul and Georgia too quickly, but neither line really jumped at me last night or this morning, so I can pass them without losing sleep.

7p Rhode Island -6 -104 3x
1030p Colorado +5 +104 2x

Wagerline data isn't really supportive of playing the Rams, but you can't tell me that this line was set with anything in mind other than getting Dayton action, with the Flyers at 23-4 and having beaten Xavier two weeks ago, Billiken loss notwithstanding. It's not like the public knows that 20-8 URI is 25 spots higher in the Pomeroy rankings.

Good luck tonight with whatever garbage you play.


ilike#s said...

you know NCAAB better than me but that DePaul line seemed real low so i bit.

love to hear your input on a recent post of mine. kind of review now that i think of it though.