Tuesday 2/24

Well, this sucks. I was really hoping to pass everything but Mizz St tonight. When I got home I started looking at consensus numbers and Iowa St, the Johnnies, and Provo were all ridiculously anti-public, as well. I guess I'll learn my lesson when I go 1-3.

7p Providence +8.5 +105 2x
730p St. John's +4.5 -110 2x
8p Missouri State +6 +107 3x
9p Iowa State +2.5 -107 2x
Pass: SDSU

The Bears were a 3x play based on the amount I vomited in my mouth as I made the wager. Good luck tonight.


Anonymous said...

nice st johns pick, they really looked good tonight man. your a winner at heart.

moneyline said...

Winning night, negative feedback containing the incorrect form of "your".

Oh the joys of publicly publishing a free gambling journal.

am19psu said...

I love how I get criticized for going 2-1-1 by someone who can't spell or use proper grammar and punctuation. I guess whomever wrote the comment has a hit rate better than 62.5%.