Saturday 10/24

Today is like the salad before the steak. This college card isn't very good and hopefully keeping things small will limit my losses.

First Half (12p-6p)
12p Virginia +5 +105 5x
1220p Mississippi -6.5 -104 3x
1230p Baylor +9.5 -103 3x
330p Clemson +4.5 -105 5x

Second Half (6p-12a)
7p Michigan State -2 +100 5x
1025p Arizona State +7 +100 3x

I don't know if Michigan State would have been a 5x play if the rest of the card didn't suck. The other three possibilities all had warts and I didn't feel like playing them.

So Goddamn angry at Sparty, so I played Sparky. Flip this.