Leans NFL Week 7/CFB Week 8 Revisited

Jesus, I am going broke on Sunday.

Definite Plays
12p UVa +5.5 vs. GT
1220p Ole Miss -6.5 vs. Arky
1230p Baylor +9.5 vs. Okie St
330p Clem +4.5 @ Miami
7p Sparty -1.5 vs. Iowa

1p KC +4.5 vs. SD
1p STL +13.5 vs. IND
1p CLE +9.5 vs. GB
1p TB +14.5 vs. NE
405p OAK +6 vs. NYJ
415p MIA +6 vs. NO
415p DAL -4 vs. ATL
820p ARZ +7 @ NYG
830p WAS +7 vs. PHL (Mon.)

Borderline Contrarian Plays
12p Indy +4.5 @ NW

1p PIT -4 vs. MIN

Borderline Volume Plays
7p Vandy +13.5 @ SCar
730p SMU +16 @ Hou
1015p Ariz St +6.5 @ Stan

I'm going to re-evaluate these later plays tomorrow evening. I'm not sure what combination, if any will make the card.


ilike#s said...

I thought last week's college card was scary but this week the NFL is insane.

am19psu said...

I can't ever remember a situation where 10 NFL games were legitimate contrarian plays. Even in my dumber, looser days, the most games I can find for any weekend is 8. Just an amazing card.

ThreeLions545 said...

I'm honestly a little nauseous just looking at the NFL card.

I remember a while ago you were posting the games you passed, and tracking the outcomes of those passes. Did you stop doing that simply because it was time-consuming/annoying, or because you didn't find it helpful?

am19psu said...

Time consuming/annoying, kind of. I have a bit better definition in my head what makes a play vs. pass now, versus a year ago. Even though my record doesn't show it (or maybe because of it?), I'm exponentially more sophisticated now than I was when I first started this blog.

Sham said...

Your definite plays in college are indentical to mine, still mulling over Nevada(I can't get past this line), Vandy and assorted small conference bullshit that I should stay away from.