Leans NFL Week 6/CFB Week 7

Hopefully, this week goes better than last. At first glance, the college card doesn't look too bad, while the NFL only has two obvious plays.

Definite Plays
8p Tulsa +8.5 vs. Boise (Wed.)
745p USF +3 vs. Cincy (Thu.)
8p Rutgers +3 vs. Pitt (Fri.)
12p Okla +3 vs. Tex (Neutral)
12p Pur +14 vs. tOSU
1220p Vandy +7.5 vs. UGa
330p UCLA +3.5 vs. Cal
330p UF -24.5 vs. Arky
6p GT +3 vs. VT

1p TB +3 vs. CAR
405p OAK +14 vs. PHL

  • All three weeknight games seem like they would be playable on a Saturday, let alone on a high volume weeknight.
  • When I first saw the OU line, I figured we be on them. What exactly has Texas done this year?
  • Purdue has outgained their opponents this year, yet are 1-5, because they turn the ball over way too much. At least Ohio State doesn't beat teams with defense and special teams.
  • Which loss from last week was worse: Vandy in West Point or Georgia getting Crompton'd?
  • GT was going to be favored by three in their game with the Hokies in the preseason. Are the
  • Florida is laying 24.5 against a team that beat a Top 25 team by 2 TDs last week. I'm not thrilled about laying that many.
  • Hokies are getting too much credit for Nebraska giving a game away and beating Miami the slop?
  • I might as well get used to playing the Bucs and Raiders.

Borderline Contrarian Plays
12p Wisky -3 vs. Iowa
330p USC -10 @ ND
330p NCSU +2.5 @ BC
745p Bama -17 vs. SCar
1015p Ariz St -7 vs. Wash

1p HOU +4.5 @ CIN
1p CLE +14 @ PIT
415p BUF +10 @ NYJ
820p CHI +3 @ ATL
835p SD -4 vs. DEN (Mon.)

  • Not too often you see an unranked team laying three to a borderline Top 10 team.
  • I'd rather get kicked in the junk by a mule than play USC.
  • NCSU just got rocked by Duke, which I think is worse than getting rocked by VT.
  • Bama is a weaker version of UF.
  • None of that NFL garbage excites me.

Borderline Volume Plays
1230p MTSU +4.5 vs. Miss St
330p Tulane +16.5 vs. Hou
730p Ariz -4.5 vs. Stan

  • That's an awfully short line for a Sun Belt team versus an SEC team.
  • Like Joe Kemp wasn't making this list, even though The Pelican has been steamed to hell since it opened.
  • I don't really care about the Pac 10 game.


Anonymous said...

You have Zona St. playing Wash and Stanford...as great of a coach as Dennis Erickson is, not sure if even he can pull that off.

am19psu said...

Fixed. Thanks.