CFB Week 7 Line Guess Results

Sham is much better at this than I am. I just don't pay close enough attention to the smaller conferences. In any case, he was a full point better again, 2.57 vs. 3.75 points average error.

Sham: On both Big East weeknight games I was off, horribly. I went through my line guesses Sunday morning (which wasn't the best idea because the ending of Arizona/Washington led me to drinking) and I had planned to give them a second look. Though after the early NFL games had concluded I had no desire to even think about college lines. Both Big East dogs look decent and NO, "Thursday Night Home Dog" angle has no bearing on this.

am19psu: I'm not sure which is worse, doing them Sunday morning hungover, or doing them Sunday afternoon while watching the Raiders, Bucs, and Rams. I can't believe I didn't cause any property damage this weekend. Ah, maturity.

Is Pitt really regarded that highly? I may not be the best person to ask, because there isn't a single thing I like about that town or college, but I don't see it being that far off.

S: It was more of Rutgers being lightly regarded (I don't even think that's a phrase). Getting killed by Cincy, beating powerhouse FIU by 8 at home and closing as a dog to Maryland. I didn't take into account the extra week that Schiano has to prepare.

Getting back to a team I do know, Nebraska. Guess I wasn't the only one surprised by the opening line being set at -6.5, it's now up to -10. Someone(s) have been loving Nebraska since that ugly Va Tech game with lines shifting significantly in their previous two games and in their upcoming contest.

19: Absolutely. Nebraska is pretty good football team, at least from what we can tell against VT and Mizzou. I think it's safe to assume that the sharps agree. Could Nebraska be a short favorite Nov 7 at home against OU?

You're not a big fan of Cal, are you? I don't necessarily disagree with you, but I was surprised that you threw up UCLA as a favorite.

S: At this point I'd have Nebraska +4.5 against the Sooners on 11/7. Of course, this week's results will have a lasting effect on how each team is viewed going forward.

In regards to Cal, I'm still bitter after their performance against USC. That play was made in large part to two of the biggest squares I know loving USC in that game. Seriously though, Cal has not done much this year except for getting handled quite easily in their last two outings.

One game that I liked going through my line guesses was Wisky but they're now trading at -3.

19: I guess we're not the only ones unimpressed with Iowa. They haven't exactly looked stellar since knocking off Penn State. If that line drops to -2.5 at some point, I think I'll still have to play Wisky. I can handle a line move from pk to 2.5, but going to three takes a lot of the value away.

USC isn't going to be a play against Jimmy Heisman at home, are they? Notre Dame seems to be getting a lot of press for beating no one so far, plus Notre Dame > Washington > USC, right?

S: I didn't think USC would open as a double-digit fav against ND but it was set that high for a reason, I just have no idea why. I do love the square line of thinking that you described earlier, especially when the "better team" is a substantial underdog.

One thing I want to know is who are the assholes that have pushed Tulane down two points from the opening line against Houston?

19: Bob Toledo's family? I mean, that is really the only logical conclusion. Unless, of course, Joe Kemp came down with Lassa Fever or something and I missed it.

Last one - we're going to be on Purdue again. Purdue has outgained they're opponents this year and tOSU should not have covered last week. Any other games you're looking at?

S: Haven't looked at too much right now but in addition to what we've discussed I'm looking at Ga Tech & Rizo St. Also what's up with Florida, Bama & Penn St being anti-pub? Several other intriguing (questionable) chalk looks as well.

19: The oddsmakers really haven't been screwing around this year with the elite teams. I've been on UF twice already and South Carolina beat Ole Miss just like Bama did. I don't have a good reason for PSU being anti-pub other than only covering against the Fighting Zooks this season.

Catch you again next week. Let's see if you can increase your margin of victory again.