Saturday 9/26

I still have a headache from the Nevada loss.

Earlies (12p-329p)
12p Southern Mississippi +13.5 +100 3x
12p South Florida +14 +104 3x

Just the standard contrarian fare at noon.

Middays (330p-659p)
330p Illinois +13.5 +100 3x
330p Oregon +5.5 +100 3x
330p NC State -1 +103 3x
330p Virginia Tech +2.5 +102 3x

This is everything I put in last night. Adding on is likely throughout the day. Good luck.

Passing Bama and Clemson at 330. The Crimson Tide are a strong pass, but I can't see myself paying for three extra points.

Nightcaps (7p-12a)
7p Bowling Green +16 +103 3x
9p Stanford -9 +100 3x
1015p USC -45 -101 3x

I can see arguments for passing Stanford, but these games that move 1-2 points against the public had value last year. I generally think those games still have value, if they don't move too much more, like Bama did today.