Leans NFL Week 3/CFB Week 4 Revisited

A lot of things moved during the week. Only one college game that looked definite Tuesday remains there tonight. That's usually not a good thing.

Definite Plays
12p USF +14 @ FSU
12p SoMiss +13 vs. KU
330p VT +3 vs. Miami
330p Ore +5.5 vs. Cal
330p NC St -1 vs. Pitt
330p Illy +13.5 vs. tOSU

1p JAX +3.5 @ HOU
1p TB +6.5 vs. NYG
1p STL +6.5 vs. GB
405p SEA +1 vs. CHI
405p BUF +6 vs. NO

I can't see any of the college plays being above a standard. I'm just hoping to escape them at .500. Tampa and the Rams looks like good candidates for above average plays on the pro side.

Borderline Contrarian Plays
12p NW +1 vs. Minny
12p Ind +20 vs. Mich
1220p Miss St +11 vs. LSU
330p Clem -2.5 vs. TCU
330p Bama -17.5 vs. Arky
8p Purdue +6.5 vs. ND
915p Hou -1 vs. TTech

1p WAS -6.5 vs. DET
415p CIN +3.5 vs. PIT

No chance I'm playing the Cats with that line movement. Mississippi State is borderline, but 3.5 points is a lot to give up. I'm surprised Purdue isn't more anti-pub. Bama and Houston still have a better than average chance of making the card.

There is no way I am legitimately fading Detroit.

Borderline Volume Plays
7p BGSU +16.5 vs. Boise
9p Stan -8 vs. Wash
1015p USC -45.5 vs. Wazzu

All three of these could end up on the card, as well, but I'd like to wait and see how tomorrow plays out.