Leans NFL Week 1/CFB Week 2 Revisited

This post will ordinarily be completed on Thursdays, but since I spent 9 hours at airports yesterday for a three hour meeting, I didn't get it done.

Analysis of the leans are already elsewhere on the internet, so don't expect much in the way of commentary.

Definite Plays
9p Toledo +3.5 vs. Colo (Fri.)
12p UConn +3.5 vs. UNC
330p Hou +15.5 @ Okla St
330p LaTech +7 @ Navy
330p Tulane +17.5 vs. BYU
8p tOSU +6.5 vs. USC

1p CLE +4 vs. MIN

Not sure how I missed Houston last time through. LaTech made the leap because, at least according to Wagerline, there is a lot of action on that game.

Borderline Contrarian Plays
1221p Troy +36 @ Florida
130p Marshall +19 @ VT
330p UVa +11 vs. TCU
330p Wyo +31.5 vs. Texas
4p UCLA +10 @ Tenny
1015p Ore -12 vs. Purdue

1p DET +13 @ NO
1p TB +6 vs. DAL
415p SF +6 @ ARZ
1015p OAK +9 vs. SD (Mon.)

I'm not particularly excited about laying big numbers with crappy schools against big name teams. If it was later in the season, I would likely play these games. But right now, I think they are looking like passes.

UCLA bothers me because it moved a point. I don't know if one point makes a ton of difference in terms of what whales/sharps are thinking, but it did move onto a semi-key number.

All of the NFL games except Oakland are well supported by the new FO numbers. Sunday may be more of a bloodbath than I was expecting.

Borderline Volume Plays
730p UTEP +12.5 vs. Kansas
1030p SJSU +13.5 vs. Utah

These two stand the best chance of making it on the card tomorrow. I like both of these spots, but that's usually a bad thing.