CFB Week 2 Line Guesses

Moneyline and I are going to be doing something to similar to the contest he and Vegas Watch ran for college hoops last winter. With it being a holiday weekend invented solely for drinking, ML was a little behind, so we'll start the contest next week. However, I managed to put together my guesses before the lines were released yesterday.

Green indicates a good job, orange line differences would get me fired. I would obviously be getting fired.

My ongoing problems with Purdue and Minnesota in the BigTen screwed up the line with Oregon and the Cuse/PSU line.

Considering the preseason VT/UVa line was only 7.5 in Charlottesville, it's safe to say the loss to Bill and Mary affected the book's opinion of the Hoos significantly.

I horribly underestimated the difference between Auburn and Mississippi State. That was just an oversight on my part, since I had the Ole Miss lines for both teams.

I guess the books are more confident in Pitt than I am. Buffalo is a decent MAC team, which Pitt has shown the ability to lose to before.

The other big misses involved teams where there was zero guidance available, so I'm not terribly concerned with them. With the Week 1 and Week 2 data, I expect next week I'll drop my average miss down significantly from the 4.43 points I accrued this week.