Golden Nugget GOYs

I'll be comparing these to Sportsbook in the near future (assuming there are differences), but this ought to give a good idea where teams stand heading into the season in the Golden Nugget's eyes.

These will also give me a good estimate for determining the assumed lines for the team-by-team analyses I plan on putting together.

My initial leans are highlighted in orange. It's kind of hard to figure out exactly how to get a lean late in the season. For example, I think Texas Tech should be garbage this year, so if they are only getting 9 against Oklahoma late in the year, they would be a lean. But currently, Texas Tech is still remembered as being tit's hair from the Big XII championship game, so 9 doesn't seem so ridiculous. That line probably closes north of two touchdowns. Especially late in the season, take them with a grain of salt.


Jonny said...

some of these are quite a bit different than the sportsbook GOY lines.