Streakin 7/30

Slightly better early card today.

745a S. Verplank (win only) vs. S. Appleby
1235p Baltimore vs. Kansas City
815p Los Angeles vs. St. Louis
Current Streak: 2

How much is half of a stroke worth in golf? Verplank is -160/+144 at Pinny, which I assume is large enough to overcome the tie, but I have no idea if my assumption is true. O's later today.


Anonymous said...

File this under the too late to matter category but, by my numbers Verplank was a -126/126 favorite for nine holes straight up. Appleby was a -104/104 +.5 strokes. That means for nine holes it half a stroke is worth about 6-7%. For 18, it was worth in the 5-6% range, I'm assuming that's because there is a wider possibility of scores to shoot.