Where The Value Lies - Week 8

I'm going to sit out one more day. I don't feel like being stressed out on Memorial Day. These differences include games through Sunday May 24.

1. Brewers +3.3
2. Phillies +2.9
2. Yankees +2.9
4. Rangers +2.4
5. Dodgers +2.2

1. Indians -6.3
2. Nationals -6.1
3. Rockies -2.9
4. Mets -2.7
5. Athletics -2.1

The Indians and Nationals adjusted records are comical. The Indians have a third order record over .500 and the Nats should be playing 43% ball. I mean, at some point they have to regress to the mean, right? The only other surprising team to me is the Mets ending up on the underrated list. Even though they are technically underrated, I doubt we will get to play them, just because they are the Mets.