Question for Poker Players

I can regularly beat home games, but I don't consider myself a particularly good NLHE player. I know some of you guys are legitimately good, so I wanted to see what the poker players think about this hand that came up last night.

Game: 1/2 NLHE at Caesars Atlantic City.
Hand: Dealt KK on the button

Pre-flop: UTG+2 raises to $7, which is a weak pre-flop raise for the table (had been averaging about $12). Two more callers until it gets to me and I raise to $17. Both blinds and everyone else calls for six to the flop.

Flop: Comes off Qd-9h-5c. Blinds check, UTG+2 comes out for $15, the cutoff raises to $65. The cutoff has not been playing particularly well, but obviously plays there often. He has been playing a lot of junk cards and his girlfriend is behind him, harrassing him about two pots that he just lost totalling about $200. I am his only caller.

Turn: 9d. The cutoff and I both quickly check.

River: Ad. Cutoff thinks about it for a while and eventually pushes me all in.

What would you do? Or do you need more information?


Walter said...

I would probably call him if it got to that point, but I probably would've pushed him hard on the flop before it got to that point.

flefster said...

I would fold the river. Also, your biggest mistake came pre-flop. You should 3bet to somewhere around 30.

am19psu said...

I agree I played the hand poorly. I should have banged it more pre-flop or pushed after the flop.

What makes you say fold?

flefster said...

The flop was one of the best possible boards for you but the turn and river are pretty ugly. How deep were you? As far as I can tell the pot was around 260. If the two of you were both around 300 at the beginning of the hand you both still have around 200 left. This would mean you have to win the pot 200/460% or 43.5% time, which I don't think is the case here. While he does sound like a bluffing type, shoving with less than top pair on that board doesn't happen often.

am19psu said...

I had about $230 at the beginning of the hand.

Since I play mostly home games, I don't have a lot of cash game experience. How often do players bluff like that on the river? It's not that uncommon in knockout home games, but that may not be (read: isn't) the best experience to draw from.